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Bike Desk Lamp

The Bike Desk Lamp was designed and developed by Peter Berg, an Hungarian designer that loves bikes and thought of the possibility of connecting a bike headlight to a desk lamp, turning workspaces into something more fun. The Bike Desk Lamp is fully customizable, making every piece unique and with your personal touch, choose the color of the grips, the brake levers, its cables and the stem plating, the base and the arm are made from birch wood, giving it a more organic look and feel to blend more easily in any decor style. Turn the LED light on or off using the brake levers and start enjoying this cool idea on your work desk or bedroom. watch the video below

bike-desk-lamp-2.jpg | Image

bike-desk-lamp-3.jpg | Image

bike-desk-lamp-4.jpg | Image

bike-desk-lamp-5.jpg | Image

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Casa Cozumel is a mind-blowing beach house that boasts 38 metres of private beach frontage on the Caribbean island of Cozumel, situated off the coast of the Mexican state. The stunning residence sits on an expansive property that is densely packed with vegetation, providing the residents total privacy. Contained over two levels, the house connects by means of bridges and terraces to the exterior pool and beach areas. The design reflects a clear unity b...
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Gifts for the Home Office

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, the home office has become a sanctuary of productivity and creativity. As we navigate the blend of professional and personal spaces, finding the right elements to enhance the home office experience becomes crucial. In this guide, we present a curated collection of thoughtful and practical "Gifts for the Home Office" - items designed to elevate workspaces, inspire focus, and bring comfort to those embracing the modern wo...
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The Fusion Table is every guy´s dream, a dining/pool table your wife/girlfriend could live with! The unique product is a dining table and pool table all in one, simply remove the multi-piece dining top to unveil a beautiful pool table with a contemporary sleek design offering nice wooden and lacquered finishings, unlike the classic, heavy looking, wooden table. Height is easily adjustable with the built-in raising and lower system. Several styles and finishes are a...
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