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Hinoki Essential Knives

Hinoki first caught our attention three years ago with their stunning S1 Gyuto Chef´s Knife. Now the Japanese brand is back on the scene with the release of a trio of new, more affordable kitchen cutlery known as the Essential Knives. The new range of knives focuses on three types of blades that have been designed to take on any kitchen job: the Chefs Knife, an iconic silhouette based on our renowned S1 Gyuto blade, and ideal for cutting fish, meat and vege, a Bread Knife with a serrated blade to cut meats, poultry, and vege, and a Pairing Knife an all-purpose knife designed to deftly peel, mince and intricately decorate all matter of fruit, vege and aromatics. All three kitchen knives are made in Seki, Japan and are composed of three layers of VG-10 steel derived from an amalgamation of chromium and carbon. All of the blades in the collection can be customized in Brushed Chrome or Obsidian Black. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


The Sling Club Chair is a beautiful piece of furniture designed by the guys at BassamFellows. It has the ideal balance, blending a minimal geometrical form with organic premium materials, and mixing the cold industrial steel with natural warm leather and walnut wood. This perfect combination is assembled by highly competent craftsmanship, making this piece into something close to a work of art. Form and function are present, comfort and look also combine in a chair ...
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ZipStitch Laceration Kit | Image

ZipStitch Laceration Kit

ZipStitch lets you close wounds without stitches! Specially useful when out in the wild, the laceration kit may be of use should you get a cut of 1.5 inches long and up to 1inch wide because it’ll help close the wound, stop the bleed and avoid an ER trip to get stitched up. This item will surely be a must have in a nearby future in every first aid kit. The technology is proven to be more effective than standard stitching, less painful and quicker to ...
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Many of us spend most of their time sitting behind a desk, and people in general are becoming more sedentary. With this in mind, Focal has created a workstation that lets you do your job in a posture halfway between standing and sitting. The workstation features the innovative Locus Seat, with an ergonomic pivoting leg designed to move with you and encourage active engagement. via...
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