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Rolz Chess/Checkers Set

Designed by Umbra, this roll-up chess/checkers set is perfect for traveling. Rolz is a portable chess and checkers set that can be carried on the go or put on display in your home. It features resin checker pieces with silk-screened chess characters, and a unique vegan leather playing board with black and white stitching, and with a uniquely shaped wooden base that rolls up around a central tube that stores the pieces. When finished, simply pack away and store the game by rolling up the board and using the integrated carrying case and strap.

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DIY Office Box | Image

DIY Office Box

As property prices continue to skyrocket, the trend for micro apartments is growing. But living in a itty bitty teeny tiny space can be a challenge. The ingenious Re-SOHKO Transform Box is a DIY home office that comes in a box! The mobile office can be easily configured for your individual purposes and can be loaded onto a pallet for transportation to a different location. Developed by acclaimed Japanese designer Eisuke Tachikawa, the founder of Nosigner, the space-...
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Award-winning digital production studio INK have created a stunning series of realistic plain body CGI posters designed to showcase some of the world´s most iconic racing cars in the purist way possible, with no livery or sponsorship. The result is a beautiful CG image of a plain body against an ethereal white background to not overcomplicate the effortlessly simple design. At the moment four cars are available, the classic Dakar Rally Porsche 959, the legendary Fo...
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Created by architect and product designer Stefan Gant, Gant Lights combines minimalist forms and contrasting design elements to produce elegant and timeless lamps made from top-quality materials such as concrete, wood, and precious metals. Their products are manufactured entirely in Germany, with a network of local artisans and workshops...
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