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16 Million Color Lamp | By Philips

The cool new Philips Livingcolors LED Lamp gives you over 16 million different color options to set the perfect mood. This luxurious, translucent lamp projects 16,777,216 different colors of accent light using only 4 LEDs. It features a rounded, transparent design with a sweeping cone-shaped interior, a flat bottom for stability and is cool to the touch, since LEDs emit no heat.

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Created by designer Chaiyut Plypetch, the Polar bear drain stopper is one of those clever inventions with a message. With global warming changing the climate patterns, wildlife such as the polar bear is struggling to keep alive. Enjoy your warm bath and let the Polar bear peacefully float arround and remind you to take action to help him....
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Tepui SkyCamp | Image

Tepui SkyCamp

Tepui are known for their roof-top car tents designed to fit on the roof racks of your car or truck and set up in minutes. Now the company is taking their popular rooftop tents off your vehicle and giving it a home on solid ground with the SkyCamp, a new product for semi-permanent camping. The Tepui SkyCamp is a durable and comfortable wooden structure with a Tepui rooftop tent mounted above it, perfect for backyard glamping or hosting short-term campers and guests....
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Watervilla is a spectacular minimalist residence located on the river Amstel in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Designed by +31ARCHITECTS, the modern villa was commissioned by clients that wanted a residence in which the relationship between the living area and water would be maximized. The top floor composed by the living room and kitchen features a large glass facade with sliding doors that open to a floating terrace that is moored along the entire length of the villa, in...
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