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Mr Pip Double Cross Dice Game

Liarīs dice is one of the most popular games in the world, where two or more players require the ability to deceive and detect an opponents deception. Mr. Pip’s Double Cross is a new spin on the bluffing dice game, it combines smart design features, a beautiful iconic form, and high quality materials, resulting in a stunning functional decor piece that you can display with pride on your shelves and not in your cupboard. Out-think, out-lie, and out-bluff in this fast and furious redesigned version created with a large group in mind. 6 shakers come together around a dice storage hub, which houses the 30 dice. Up to 6 people can play with one game unit. watch the video below

Learn more from Mr. Pip, or grab one from Amazon

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Taylor Stitch


The "Escape Pod" from UK-based design firm Podmakers, is a spherical hideout that lets you get away from it all. This unique space is a versatile backyard dwelling cab be used as a garden retreat for workers, visitors, a music or writerīs studio, or anyone in need of a little timeout. Crafted from a mix of birch plywood and European oak, the 75-square-foot prefabricated unit can be easily customised depending on what the owner wants from distinct window ...
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PLUS HUS | Image


Whether you need a backyard office, a guest house, a gym or a kids playroom, the Plus Hus gives you 320 square feet to be customized almost any way you see fit. The low waste 320-square foot unit is pre-fabricated, flat-packed and can be delivered to anywhere in the States, and assembled on-site. The environmentally friendly dwellings are available in three different configurations that can include a bathroom and kitchenette. Included with each abode is a ...
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Martyr Monkey is a fun nighlight, it has an automatic sensor that automatically lights up the lamp depending on a rooms lighting conditions. When the room gets dark or dim the night lamp automatically lights up, when the room has enough natural lighting/artificial lighting, the sensor automatically switches off the lamp/light. The lamp comes with a US adapter....
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