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MINIM Playing Cards

We are all already familiar with the straightforward and classic signs for hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades on a deck of cards, so why not strip things down to the edge of comprehension. Designed by Joe Doucet, these ultra-minimal regulation playing cards have been reduced to minimalistic geometric symbols, without all those flashy features like colors, drawings and noise. The MINIM Playing Cards also get a clean diagonal line to mark the backs, instead of the typical ornamental graphics. They´re made out of PVC, and are available in white or black

Available for purchase in Europe here

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Designed by Adin Mumma, the Wobble Chess Set will add a little life and fun to the motionless game. The original design was inspired by the 70´s weeble toys, and each piece is reinterpreted with simple curves and a weighted dome base to allow for balance. The board is made from walnut and features concave squares that create a playful landscape. Also check out the crazy 3 Man Chess set...
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Another beautiful and exclusive product by Restoration Hardware, this vintage edition Scrabble re-imagines the classic game as it may have been in its early days in the 1930s when the board game was invented. The stylish board cabinet is crafted of solid hardwood and features die cast metal accents. Enjoy board games? also check out: - Wobble chess set - 3 Man chess set...
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With the AlumiTub, immerse yourself in the great outdoors and enjoy quality time with loved ones. Designed for off-grid cabin owners and city garden enthusiasts, it delivers a lifetime of exceptional performance. The hot tub is precision-built and expertly crafted to withstand the test of time. Its unique blend of aluminum and cedar wood will develop a beautiful patina with use. It comes with a submerged aluminum stove with protective fencing and extra insulation fo...
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