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Muzhi Cupboard

Designed by Yen-Hao Chu for Chinese furniture brand Ziihome, the gorgeous Muzhi Cupboard combines clean lines and solid wood for a piece that is perfect to store all your table and kitchenware. The cupboard is made of three main parts, the upper part is semi-open and can be used to store tableware inside and potted plants outside. The middle area is an open spacious section that can be used as a sideboard, a small bar counter, or a place to keep small and medium-sized appliances like a kettle, coffee maker or a toaster. The lower section has a partly glazed left-hand drawer, and a large tray area to place pot covers or common utensils for daily meals. Details like the solid timber handrail and hanging rails were added to provide a neat place for towels and wine glasses. The Muzhi Cupboard is characterized by its clean, simple lines, and a solid wood aesthetic that references the timeless beauty of Chinese furniture.

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