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The award winning PomaBrush is an innovative silicone electric toothbrush that offers the most effective clean even for sensitive teeth and gums. It features an all-silicone brush head that gently massages the gums while brushing your teeth, and is specially designed for cleaning plaque from the tongue. With 15,000 powerful vibrations per minute, PomaBrush performs deep cleaning, and to ensure the best clean, it comess equipped with an integrated timer for an ideal 2 minute brush. The brush itself holds 1 month of charge, and its compact wireless case extends this for an additional 3 months. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


The Slender House by the MU Architecture studio, is the ultimate modern lake retreat. The stylish black lakefront home was integrated into a steep site in southern Quebec, blending into the natural setting, and overlooking a secluded bay and private boathouse. The house was designed as a contemporary interpretation of 1960s bungalows, it is covered in black wooden cladding along with areas clad in local granite, and features a bright interior with an abundance of li...
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Kamoto OpenFire Pit | Image

Kamoto OpenFire Pit

The Kamoto OpenFire Pit is a foldable and compact portable fire pit with cooking grate that lets you burn wood or charcoal for grilling steaks or toasting late-night Smores. The Kamoto is easily set up and offers protection for the ground, leaving no trace behind. It features a stainless steel fire pit with side wind protection and an air inlet from underneath to help stoke the fire. For those that enjoy cooking over an open fire, the Kamoto comes with a grill grate...
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If you´re a motorsport fan you´ll love these. Using mid-century modern furniture as a canvas, Racing & Emotion create intricate designs reminiscent of famous and legendary race cars. Their extensive collection includes designs inspired by: Herbie from Walt Disney, Porsche 917 from the movie Le Mans featuring Steve McQueen, Lancia Martini Racing, even the famous helmet of Ayrton Senna. [scouted by BTS reader Luis]...
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