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Plunge All-In Ice Bath

Ice baths have become a game-changer for health enthusiasts, offering an array of benefits in a single, chilling soak. Just one session can soothe your muscles, reduce inflammation, improve your breathing, enhance your mood, boost focus, aid in better sleep, and increase your energy levels. The Plunge All-In Ice Bath takes this concept to the next level.

Plunge has elevated at-home cold water therapy, setting a new standard with the Plunge All-In. Its integrated design, engineered water chilling unit, and water circulation system within the tub itself make it a superior choice. This advancement allows the All-In to chill water to a bone-chilling 37 degrees while ensuring clean water circulation every 10 minutes. It is the ultimate cold plunge tub for those seeking a premium wellness experience.

It offers a spacious interior for your comfort, and the sleek exterior design is not only functional but also visually inspiring. With smartphone connectivity and an easy-access filter, maintenance is a breeze.

plunge-all-in-ice-bath-2.jpeg | Image

plunge-all-in-ice-bath-3.jpeg | Image

plunge-all-in-ice-bath-4.jpeg | Image

plunge-all-in-ice-bath-5.jpeg | Image

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