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Mirror Cleaner | By Dewadesign

This is one of those "why didn´t i think of that?" ideas...The Mirror Clearer is a clever product created by German designer Dewa Bleisinger. Like many products that are created to solve problems, the mirror clearer was created in response to the annoying problem of fogged up mirrors. All you need to do is attach the device to the mirror via a suction cup and swipe the add-on wiper, voila! a clear mirror for shaving or admiring your beautiful self again.

mirror-clearer-dewadesign-2.jpg | Image

mirror-clearer-dewadesign-3.jpg | Image

mirror-clearer-dewadesign-4.jpg | Image

mirror-clearer-dewadesign-5.jpg | Image

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GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker | Image

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

This smart indoor smoker brings BBQ wood-smoked flavor inside from the comforts of your kitchen! Designed for modern homes, the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design to deliver exceptional performance. With its compact size, this smoker fits seamlessly on your kitchen countertop, giving you easy access to gourmet smoked dishes whenever the craving strikes. Using patented Active Smoke Filtration technology, the...
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Designed by the Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi, The Mountain Refuge is a contemporary interpretation of old traditional mountain cabins. The prefabricated wood construction system allows for freedom of configuration and expansion, with each module working as an independent structure. The refuge looks towards energy self-sufficiency, which is why a photovoltaic systems with batteries and a rainwater collection system have been installed. The cabi...
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Holographic Hammer is a recently created design studio that aims to provide innovative design for motorcycles. One of its creators is a former BMW Motorrad designer, he´s no stranger to getting his hands on a project from beginning to end, from design to actually building it. Their main focus is to sell designs, unique designs that are actually buildable. So you can purchase a unique design and if you´re a guy that loves working on your bike this design will give ...
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