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Hilu Natural Thermoregulating Blanket

HILU is the world´s first graphene-made blanket that adjusts to your body temperature, keeping you at perfect temperature throughout the night, giving you warmth in the winters and keeping you cool in the summers. When you are cold, it absorbs the coldness and lets out warm air to keep you warm, and when you are hot, it absorbs the heat from your skin and releases cool air to keep you cool.

It is made of pure woven graphene fibers, a unique material created from a single sheet of carbon molecules that is more conductive than copper, stronger than steel, and used in electronics, biomedical technology, aircraft, and even in warfare. Designed to be incredibly soft, comfortable, and anti-bacterial, HILU can even thermoregulate both parts of a bed independently, keeping one half cool and another warm based on each persons body temperature.

Each HILU blanket is backed by a 10 year guaranty and ships in both Queen and King bed sizes.

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