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Lens Mug | Giveaway Two Lens Mugs

Lens Mugs are unbelievably realistic replicas of your favorite Camera lenses. The thermo lens mugs have zoom rings and a rubber-grip focus which can zoom like a real lens when you twist its grips! All Lens Mugs feature stainless steel interiors keeping your drinks warm, and an easy closing lens-cap lid.A convenient carrying bag is also included. Our good friends at - an online store of cool lens mugs - are offering Blessthisstuff readers a chance to win one of these awesome Lens Mugs!

We partnered with and have 1x Canon 24-105mm Thermos Lens Mug ($24.95) and 1x Nikon 24-70mm Thermos Lens Mug ($34.95) to give away to separate readers!

How to enter the giveaway:

1. Like blessthisstuff on Facebook and comment on this Facebook post.

2. Like lensmug on Facebook

And thats it!


And the winners are…

Winner #1: Brian Livingstone

Winner #2: Jimmy Pan

Congratulations! Stay tuned for more Goods giveaways.

lens-mug-2.jpg | Image

lens-mug-3.jpg | Image

lens-mug-4.jpg | Image

lens-mug-5.jpg | Image

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