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Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

How cool is this Hedgehog Toothpick Holder? The charming and beautifully made little character is both functional and fun, it is designed to rest on the table or conveniently hang on the edge of a bowl. Perfect for serving cocktails or hors dí oeuvres, it will surely charm your guests.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
MINIM Playing Cards | Image

MINIM Playing Cards

We are all already familiar with the straightforward and classic signs for hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades on a deck of cards, so why not strip things down to the edge of comprehension. Designed by Joe Doucet, these ultra-minimal regulation playing cards have been reduced to minimalistic geometric symbols, without all those flashy features like colors, drawings and noise. The MINIM Playing Cards also get a clean diagonal line to mark the backs, in...
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The Sling Club Chair is a beautiful piece of furniture designed by the guys at BassamFellows. It has the ideal balance, blending a minimal geometrical form with organic premium materials, and mixing the cold industrial steel with natural warm leather and walnut wood. This perfect combination is assembled by highly competent craftsmanship, making this piece into something close to a work of art. Form and function are present, comfort and look also combine in a chair ...
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The Doggie Fountain is a cool solution for keeping your dogs water supply safe, fresh and readily available. The fountain is connected to your garden hose, and by using a common Y-splitter shutoff valve at the spigot, you can use your garden hose without disturbing the Doggie Fountain connection. The Doggie Fountain features a valve that lets you adjust the height of the vertical stream. No more messy, hot just need to be patient and teach your furry fri...
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