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Paperpan 3D Paper Art

Paperpan is an Istanbul-based paper artist that creates gorgeous animal, insect and bird designs made out of cleverly folded colorful paper. This edgy and minimal paper art brings whimsical fun to the third dimension by capturing everything from animals to insects on paper, by paper. Amongst his amazing origami-style designs are a deer, a tiger, a zebra, butterflies, bees and several species of birds, including parrots, macaws and toucans, just to name a few. The handmade designs are assembled in pyramid and graphical form, and are available for purchase through the PaperpanTR Etsy store.

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paperpan-3d-folded-paper-art-3.jpg | Image

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Nixon Interior
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Fora Interior
Nomus Glashutte
Floyd Interior


Designed by architectural firm Turkel Design, this stunning Modern Palm Springs prefab home can be bought and replicated! Part of the companys Axiom Series (a collection of 11 standard designs that can be built as is, or customized to suit your needs), the Axiom Desert House is a ready-to-assemble building that is packaged for shipping and delivered to sites worldwide. The 2,080-square-foot Axiom Desert House draws from the lifestyle and culture of Palm Springs, it ...
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Have an old door, tabletop or plank of wood laying around at home or at the office? Why not turn that flat surface into a table? The ingenious Floyd Leg is a set of four clamp-on steel legs, that turn any flat surface into a table. It is also the ideal solution for people that move often, simply pack up the legs and go! via watch the video...
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Moon Pod is the beanbag reinvented. Moon Pod is a premium lightweight beanbag engineered to deliver a feeling of zero-gravity weightlessness in any position. Like a memory foam mattress, the Moon Pod contours to your body, redistributes weight away from pressure points, and allows the bead filling to cushion your joints. When used as a chair or recliner, the unique shape provides ample back support and strain relief that you canĀ“t get from a sofa or easy chair. It ...
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