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Ideapaint | Write On Any Wall

Whether for the bedroom, office, living room or any other room, the IdeaPaint is undoubtedly a great invention, both decorative and functional. Turn your entire wall into a whiteboard, you can write and erase whenever you want. Simply apply the IdeaPaint CLEAR over your wall paint, and you will have a big dry-erase surface that can be any color. Write in meetings, record ideas, transform any space into a creative place! Watch the video

You can get it in Europe here

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
IA HOUSE | Image


IA House is the perfect bachelor pad, a 60-square-meter crib strategically placed in a picturesque setting, raised atop a green cliff in Chile’s coastal village of Quintay, with spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Designed by Santiago-based Joannon Architects, the elevated home features a beautiful minimal decor, and has an open-plan dining, kitchen, and living room area that opens up to a triangular outdoor deck that is perfect for entertaining guests...
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YOY Depth Light | Image

YOY Depth Light

YOY, a Tokyo based design studio, and creators of the very cool Peel Wall Light, have introduced the YOY Depth Light, a photo that features a lantern that actually lights up. In addition to the central part of the lantern lighting up, the shadow created by the light illuminates the body of the lantern and the floor, bringing depth to the photo. The light-emitting wall art is a simple structure, the back of the photo is a transparent sheet that conceals a LED light a...
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TIM3 MACHIN3 | Image


Tim3 Machin3 is a smart cooker with some really cool features developed to save you some time in the kitchen, to make your life easier and your food tastier. The cooker has a digital display that tells you what to do or what´s going on, you can set the timer so the cooking starts while you´re still asleep or before you get home, get the hot oatmeal to fill you up with energy in the morning or that comfort food that you love after a hard day at work. Its main feature...
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