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Holographic Hammer Designs

Holographic Hammer is a recently created design studio that aims to provide innovative design for motorcycles. One of its creators is a former BMW Motorrad designer, he´s no stranger to getting his hands on a project from beginning to end, from design to actually building it. Their main focus is to sell designs, unique designs that are actually buildable. So you can purchase a unique design and if you´re a guy that loves working on your bike this design will give you an action plan that may save you important time and money. They can deliver the sketch with a grid on top, so the client can measure each part and build it accurately to the drawings that they deliver. They also sell their unique prints for decor purposes only, so you can buy one of their creations for your man cave or office. High quality and detail is ensured on every digital print. If you’re a motorbike passionate take at least a look their stunning work.

In case you need more details about their process, head over to their Facebook page and they’ll be happy to collaborate with you on your custom project. For purchasing one of their prints, head over to society6.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


The Bottoms Up pet food dish is an elegant solution designed by Andrew Coslow, it takes on a fresh approach to your pups dinner time. Raised up off the ground 8.5” to aid digestion, the bowls can easily be clipped in and out of the wooden base for cleaning. If we get to have fine china, then your pup deserves to have something nice too....
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The Vessel is bathtub that hangs like a hammock! It was created by "Splinter Works" a British company known for making sculptural furniture. The tub is crafted in carbon fiber making it light enough to hang suspended above the ground and features a foam core insulating the tub and keeping the water warm. It fits two people and is the perfect "vehicle" for total escapism....
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RC Surfer | Image

RC Surfer

Ok, so the the surf is a little disappointing with barely a foot of onshore breeze-blown and ruffled little waves weakly washing ashore. Do not despair! With the iconic RC Surfer from Kyosho, you´ll quickly forget the bad surfing conditions, with this fun and unique experience to add to your day at the beach. The RC Surfer 3 features an auto-recovery mechanism to make it unsinkable, and assists you in "righting" the board to get you back into the action quickly with...
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