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Chris Labrooy Prints

Based in Scotland, Chris LaBrooy is a digital artist who has created work for brands such as Apple, Nike, Porsche, Time Magazine and Louis Vuitton. With the arrival of more advanced CGI technology and software, Chris saw an opportunity to explore the medium in itself with which he could subvert and twist familiar everyday things into new typographic and sculptural forms. His impossible compositions are odd and alluring because they appear hyper-real, though every single pixel is meticulously 3-D-modeled, using photographs only for reference. He enjoys wistfully twisting and contorting cars he loves such as the Porsche, within the fully digital, three-dimensional worlds he builds. Golden mountains, tall palm trees and gorgeous mid-century architecture bathed in radiant sunlight set the stage for the main characters.

You can find behind the scenes glimpses of his work on his Instagram account, or purchase his surreal and colorful prints directly from his website.

chris-labrooy-porsche-prints-1.jpg | Image

chris-labrooy-porsche-prints-2.jpg | Image

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


If you´re one of those who are borderline OCD and have to get everything really well organized, this is for you. Gather is a modular organizer for your desk and assists you in decluttering. It comprises of a wood base that you can customize with several white thermoplastic pieces to keep your stuff in place and well organized; choose a headset rest, a cup holder, a post it square or a simple tray, then just set everything along the wood base. The wood base...
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Brooklyn-based Chelsea Miller makes these beautiful kitchen knives from reclaimed horse-grooming tools. Chelsea´s father was a blacksmith and a carpenter, so she is used to working with her hands from an early age, she started making knifes in 2011 as a hobby, but they have since gained huge popularity and are now backordered 6 to 8 weeks. The bespoke Chelsea Miller Knives are handmade from reclaimed materials from her family´s farm in Vermont. The one of a kind kni...
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INSIDE3 Labyrinth Cube | Image

INSIDE3 Labyrinth Cube

If practicing social distancing has you feeling bored out of your mind, maybe you need a challenge. These cube-shaped puzzles from Inside3 feature a hidden 3-dimensional labyrinth inside. Objective? Get the ball bearing through the maze by moving it back and forth and side to side until it can be seen in the other slot on the back of the cube. They come in 12 different levels of difficulty with maps on the outside, so you can work your way up from novice...
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