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Villa Mayavee Phuket Thailand | By Tierra Design

Tierra Design Studio are responsible for this stunning modern house on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand. Villa Mayavee has impressive panoramic views over the Andaman Sea and surrounding hills. The design is simple but with a modern and artistic look. The spiraled staircase is one of the many interesting features, it leads you to the pool and terrace you can contemplate the amazing views.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
BikeBlock | Image


BikeBlock was created for urban bike users that want to store their precious ride inside their apartment, but there never seems to be a stand that would look good enough for it... with that in mind Danish company Urbanature developed this minimalist industrial piece with an ultra modern concrete look, allowing you to showcase your prized possession, giving it a deserved place of honor in your apartment. BikeBlock keeps your wheels standing because of its considerabl...
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Cork Globe by Suck UK, lets you show off your globetrotting exploits for all to see. The full-size 10(25cm) globe is made from cork and comes mounted on a stainless steel base, it features a clear and simple world map allowing you to add pins and decoration, making it perfect for tracking your travel memories, and pinpoint with a different color the places you want to visit. Available for purchase in Europe here...
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The Vertex by Clark Outdoor is the only lightweight camping hammock that sleeps two people comfortably. It features two hammock beds that hang independently while allowing the occupants to share the same tent. Each bed supports at least 700 lbs and allows you to move around all you want without disturbing the other occupant. Another aspect adding to greater comfort is the zippered, breathable fabric cover included for warmth, privacy, and extra protection. You also ...
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