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Brutal Beasts Prints

Award-winning digital production studio INK has created a stunning series of realistic plain body CGI posters designed to showcase some of the world´s most iconic racing cars in the purist way possible, with no livery or sponsorship. For their latest series, they pay homage to the golden era of rallying which was both a blessing and a curse. The result is a beautiful CGI image of a plain body against an ethereal white background to not overcomplicate the effortlessly simple design. Their first primordial Brutal Beast print celebrates the incredible Audi Quattro S1 E2 (1985), one of the most powerful and recognisable Group B cars ever made. The beauty is laid bare in its prototype primer-grey and is available if four prints in total to choose from. Each minimalist poster is printed on high quality paper at A2 or A1 size, you can choose from side, front, or rear shots, or get all four and install them side by side as a feature.

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Makeway is a new project taking Kickstarter by storm. The unique modular puzzle features magnetic tracks, connectors and trick pieces that allow you to create exciting marble challenges. Attach the pieces to a ferromagnetic material like your fridge, a locker or a whiteboard and arrange them in countless configurations to send your marbles on a wild ride. Simply put a marble into the starter and then run it through a variety of interchangeable winding tracks, bells,...
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Designed by Federico Otero, Cocoon Fires produce an amazing range of fireplaces both beautiful and functional. The contemporary fireplaces are made of stainless steel, and can be installed in any room of the house, they work with biofuel and are smoke free making them clean and environmentally friendly. The product stores up to 1.5 liters of fuel and produces fire for up to six hours. Best of all is that the fireplace can be used all year round, as an ic...
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CLT House | Image

CLT House

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Hungary, the CLT House by Hello Wood is a marvel of modern architecture seamlessly blending nature and design. This 135 square-meter retreat embraces sustainable materials, with a green rooftop integrating harmoniously into the surroundings. The house, strategically dug into a mound, offers a unique hide-and-seek experience, revealing itself with stunning views of the adjacent pond. Featuring a 35 square-meter main living space, a...
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