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Anti-monster Emergency Kits

If youŽre fascinated by the paranormal you will love these. In Case Of are a company dedicated to making these fun cabinets that provide kits against all possible cases of extraordinary hazard. Several emergency kits are available, including the zombie outbreak emergency cabinet, vampire outbreak, werewolves, and demons. Unfortunately all included objects are non operational, non functional and for display purposes only, but your friends donŽt need to know that. via

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Taylor Stitch
Briston watches
Huckberry Interior
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RhinoWolf Tent

The RhinoWolf Tent is an interesting item aimed at those who love the outdoors, what sets this option apart from its competitors are some cool features such as the fact that this is an individual tent that includes a mattress and sleeping bag, all in a packable bundle that weighs just 5lb. You may also attach other units to it so it may become a multiple person shelter. It is weatherproof and has a bug net, and you may choose from three different options of weather ...
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Drift Light is a new smart light bulb that mimics the setting sun. Drift Light dims the light at bedtime, over a 37-minute "sunset" period with changing and fading colors matching those of a sunset, until the bedroom is dark and we are gently asleep. At night, the LED bulb can also mimic the moonlight, fading to a nightlight brightness. The rest of the day it can be used as a normal bulb. And the cool thing is you donŽt need any fancy app, simply screw it into a soc...
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If you like to take your furry friend along with you on your adventures, youŽll be aware that it is unhealthy and uncomfortable for a dog to be cold. Hurtta have over ten years experience in designing functional clothing for dogs, their collection has been designed for the everyday life and all seasons of an active dog. Check out the collection at Hurtta website or purchase their products at amazon. via You can get them in Eur...
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