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The Eagles Nest | Stunning Villa For Rent In Mykonos Greece

The Eagle’s Nest is located hillside in a unique wind-sheltered position in the Fanari area, Mykonos, Greece. This amazing villa has one of the most beautiful views in Mykonos from you can admire magical sunsets. The property is spread over different natural terraces and consists of the main house and two separate guesthouses. It features a unique infinity swimming pool.

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Taylor Stitch
Briston watches
Huckberry Interior
MI Guitar | Image

MI Guitar

90% of people learning guitar quit in the first year, but with the MI Guitar by Magic Instruments anyone could learn to play popular songs in a few minutes. The sleek futuristic-looking digital instrument makes it easy for anyone to jam without musical training, like a traditional guitar, it features strings for fingerpicking and strumming, but on the fretboard it has buttons that play entire chords with a single touch. With the companion app you can instantly play ...
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The Teforia Leaf Tea Infuser is a new gizmo developed for those of us who fancy their tea tasty, well made, and unique. The sleek device takes tea and its brew seriously, if you do too, you´ll also know that each herbal blend needs a specific brew, and different temperature in order to release the full potential of dried leafs. That’s what sets this device apart from its competitors, along with the fact that they have high quality tea suppliers that wil...
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iRig Micro Amp | Image

iRig Micro Amp

iRig Micro Amp is a new portable, simple and easy to use battery-powered guitar amplifier with app connectivity and a decent enough power of 15W. This thing is perfect for everything from a bedroom or desktop, to jamming with friends or street busking. The USB connection allows you to connect an iPhone/iPad directly or to a Mac/PC with the included Amplitube 4 software. Another cool feature of this item is the fact that you may get it to go using only 6 AA batteries...
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