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Airbnb Find: Casa Monoculo

Casa Monoculo is an extraordinary architectural gem located in Eldorado, a neighborhood in Alto Paraiso City, Brazil. This contemporary Brazilian home redefines the concept of treetop living, offering a luxurious and expansive living experience amidst lush surroundings. Architect Alan Chu designed Casa Monoculo to seamlessly integrate with its environment while providing residents with breathtaking views. The house is supported by 12 black metal pillars, elevating it five meters above the ground. This design choice not only minimizes disruption to the existing natural surroundings but also offers stunning vistas of the city, sunrise, and distant mountains.

Visitors ascend a winding staircase from the ground to the house, connecting with the surroundings on their journey. The interior boasts a spacious and modern design, with a 4.5-meter high living area featuring a 30m2 glass wall that provides panoramic views of the captivating landscape. The house offers a comfortable couch, dining table, and a versatile TV that can be viewed from various angles. One of the highlights of Casa Monoculo is its 35m2 wooden deck, situated among the treetops and offering an unparalleled view of the sky. On the deck, you can unwind in the jacuzzi while stargazing or relax in comfortable armchairs to soak in the natural beauty.

Casa Monoculo was meticulously designed to create a unique and unforgettable living experience, prioritizing both comfort and the natural environment. Its a stunning blend of architecture and nature, allowing residents to appreciate and connect with their surroundings while enjoying a luxurious and peaceful retreat. The unique tree house is currently available to rent through Airbnb.

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