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Airbnb Find: The Nook Cabin

Short-term rentals are likely to become more common than ever as we move toward a "new normal" in the days and weeks that follow the epidemic. Are you looking for a special Airbnb experience? We will examine some of the most distinctive Airbnbs worth visiting in the upcoming months in this new installment. You are about to receive some real travel inspiration, so get your calendar out and get to work.

The Nook is an impressive modern cabin is Asheville, and makes an idyllic basecamp for exploring all that the area has to offer. You can practically feel the love in every detail in this little house that doesnt feel tiny because it was either handcrafted or sourced locally. It is composed by a beautifully intricate collection of cozy areas, including a tea loft (offering local teas), an entertainment loft, a nest-like sleeping nook, an indoor swing, and an outdoor tub that serves up tranquility. It is located only 8 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway and 15 minutes from Ashevilles downtown. When you enter this little getaway, you are greeted by warm wood details that contrast with the milky white walls, linens, and furniture. Every room flows easily into the next because of the open layout, it feels open and welcoming as there is no separate bedroom. This is definitely one escape you might never want to leave.

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