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True Facts That Sound Like Bullshit

Show everyone you are the smartest schmuck in the room with these 500 absurd-sounding factual trivia facts. Some people could even remark that these facts seem like bullshit since they are so absurd.

The power of knowledge! Win the trivia contest or spark the most fascinating discussion ever with true facts that are difficult to believe. The book "True Facts That Sound Like Bullshit" is filled with fascinating facts that will make you question, "How are these even true?," and will also provide you the tools you need to outsmart everyone and blow their minds.

Topics include: American sports, science, history, pop culture, and nature. Put your best game face on and establish your authority once and for all. Bring your family and friends together, and prepare to discover some wacky trivia and facts.

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PLA2 Floating House | Image

PLA2 Floating House

The spectacular PLA2 Floating House is an expansion of the successful Z9 Resort perched on the Srinakarin Dam in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Offered as another unforgettable experience for guests, the private floating unit lets you enjoy rafting, jet skiing, karaoke, jacuzzi nights, group dining, and more casual gatherings. At the unique villa guests can also enjoy swimming in the pool, playing in the dam area or soaking in the Jacuzzi tub, or simply sipping wine and sl...
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This is really useful for all you hiking and backpack travelling lovers. The Globetrotter Kit is fast way to charge your gadgets on the move using solar power. The Freeloader is an advanced portable charging system that can power any hand held device any, anytime. Once charged, Freeloader’s internal battery can power an iPod for 18hours, a mobile phone for 44 hours, PSP for 2.5 hours a PDA for 22 hours and much much more. ...
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iTemp Mug | Image

iTemp Mug

Designed for home or office, the iTemp Mug is the thing to get if you take your hot beverage seriously, should it be your latte, coffee or tea, the smart device is sure to keep it at the temperature of your choice through the app that enables you to manage it. It enables you to drink your beverage at your desired temperature, at any time and anywhere regardless of how far back the drink was prepared. You can program iTemp to start heating at any time, or simply doub...
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