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The Parklands

The Parklands takes you on a thrilling and mesmerising tour of all the national parks throughout the country. With a special emphasis on sustainable, low-impact exploration, The Parklands takes you on an exhilarating trip in every direction. This book provides you with crucial details, as well as interesting facts, to help you organize your own adventures in the American wilderness, whether you enjoy birdwatching, hiking, astronomy, or simply taking a woodland bath. Put your boots on, get out on the path, and keep in mind: leave no trace behind. Although viewing nature from a distance may not be as rewarding as experiencing it yourself, this book makes it look amazing.

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La Extraviada is another spectacular open-air retreat nestled between the sea and jungle, that invites you to enjoy the wonderful climate of Mexico. Set in an idyllic getaway on Oaxaca´s Mermejita Beach, the house is built on the side of a hill among rich foliage overlooking the green scenery and Pacific Ocean. Totally surrounded by Nature, this exceptional refuge is broken down into three distinct volumes, in order for it to adapt easily to the sloped site. The ma...
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The Discoverer lets you discover the world from your inbox, their weekly emails allow you to escape the daily mundane and transport yourself to extraordinary bucket list destinations. The online portal is a global community of explorers that share insight into the world’s most unique places, with each edition giving you an insight from genuine discoverers and allowing you to escape from your daily routine for a few minutes to experience something new. Sourced from...
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Gonzo Grill is a gas burning stove that features cast iron surfaces to cook the most diverse types of food on it, choose the griddle or grid, whatever suits you most, so you may use it to make pancakes or grill burgers or use it as a more conventional stove to boil water or sauté some shrooms. Another cool feature on the Gonzo Grill is that you may attach other grills or surfaces using its JetLink Output Port, using a single propane source. It also has a dish...
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