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The Official John Wayne Handy Book For Men

Live your life the John Wayne way with the insightful quotes, wit, wisdom and advice enclosed in this faux leather hardcover book. Filled with step by step advice and real-world examples, this guide illustrates dozens of hard-hitting and practical skills, from surviving in the wild to tying a tie, riding a horse, throwing a punch, getting a clean shave, talking to women, instilling good values in ones children, writing the perfect thank you note, saving a drowning person, orienteering, building a fire, even negotiating a raise. This helpful compendium is everything you need to live a life that would make the Duke proud.

Available for purchase in Europe here

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Cocktails are at the glamorous heart of every Bond story. Shaken is a new authorised James Bond cocktail book packed with recipes inspired by Ian Fleming’s books and developed by award-winning London bar, Swift. You will learn how to make all the classic cocktails from Bond novels, including the favoured Martini, and 40 brand-new recipes paying tribute to the people, places and plots of the 007 series. Each recipe is illustrated by a stunning full-color photo of the...
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After a first successful edition of The Ride, a bestseller about the world of custom motorcycles, Bike Exif are back with a followup - The Ride 2nd Gear available now for purchase. Once again, the book is illustrated with 320 high quality pages jam-packed with the world’s best custom motorcycles, plus profiles of some of the best builders on the planet, such as Deus Ex Machina, Cafe Racer Dreams, Roland Sands Design, plus many more. Available for purc...
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If you feel like leaving everything behind, quit your job, say goodbye to your family and friends, and travel across the world, but don´t know where to start, Travel The Planet Overland will serve as your guide. Once you pack your bags and set the wheels in motion, that´s when things gets tricky. This book is put together by a family who put in over 100,000 miles traveling across 29 countries around the world and living the van life in their Land Rover. Intended to ...
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