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Munchies is a new cookbook based on Vice TV´s popular Chef´s Night Out series. It  features stories from an array of renowned chefs ( including household names such as Anthony Bourdain, Dominique Crenn, David Chang and Danny Bowien) and their best recipes for counteracting any of the side-effects associated with nights of debauchery, and late-night snacks to soak up the booze afterwards. Written by award-winning cookbook author JJ Goode, the book features 65 recipes split into chapters including all the essentials like Drinks, Things With Tortillas, plus things to make the Morning After.

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The new Roadie Coach combines a music tutor, a recorder, and a MIDI controller in one compact device. The unique tool attaches physically to your guitar and uses a variety of sensors that let you track your progress, record tracks, or get feedback on your performance. Combined with the included mobile app, Roadie Coach can teach players whole songs and even advanced techniques such as holding the guitar, which string to use, and how to position your fingers. Coach c...
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Brooklyn-based design duo Josh Williams and Eric Prum have an obsession with vintage kitchenware, they have developed a fusion of two of their favorite things, the mason jar and the cocktail shaker, creating - The Mason Shaker! The unique four-piece shaker will add some classic southern style to your home bar accessories. Check out The Mason Shaker at their website, alongside a variety of awesome cocktail accessories, all designed by them. Also available ...
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Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the rule-breaking visionary, has revolutionized industries with electric vehicles, private space exploration, and AI. This biography written by Walter Isaacson (the same author that wrote Steve Jobs´ biography) delves into Musks life, from an abusive childhood in South Africa to his relentless pursuit of disruption. Isaacson spent two years shadowing Musk, uncovering triumphs, turmoil, and the question: do the demons that drive...
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