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Churchill: Wit & Wisdom

Discover the essence of Sir Winston Churchill in "Churchill: Wit & Wisdom." This captivating book encapsulates the wit and wisdom of the legendary statesman, offering timeless inspiration that resonates even today. From his pivotal role during the war years to his profound insights on leadership and life, Churchill's words continue to inspire hope and resilience. Delve into the major events of his remarkable life, from his early days at Blenheim Palace to his tenure as wartime Prime Minister. With striking black and white imagery complementing his memorable quotes, this special edition book is a testament to Churchill's enduring legacy. Hand-bound with heirloom leather, it's a timeless addition to any library, appealing to both history enthusiasts and discerning readers alike. Explore the brilliance of Churchill's words and celebrate the enduring spirit of one of history's greatest leaders.

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UHU Micro Cabin

The UHU micro-cabin is perched 10 m (almost 33 ft) in the air and provides a wide perspective of the beautiful Saint-Laurence River in Canada. The project, which was created and constructed by Quebec-based Repere Boreal, resembles an angular little house with a glass façade that showcases the stunning forest surroundings. The compact interior has a huge bed, a heated floor, a fully functional kitchen, a small breakfast bar for up to two people, an integrated sound ...
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Located near Cortina, Italy, the Starlight Room is a super tiny cabin that lets people sleep in the mountains under the stars. Reached by snowmobile, hiking on snowshoes, or fat-biking, the unique retreat is located almost 7,000 feet high in the mountain range, and is mounted on a pair of large skis. With glass ceiling and walls, the tiny cabin offers unobstructed views of the breathtaking surrounding alpine landscape, allowing visitors to enjoy the starry sky by ni...
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Ooni Karu 16 is a portable oven that makes crispy pizzas in one minute! The brand´s latest pizza oven is their most advanced yet, it has been almost completely redesigned from the ground up with a sleeker silhouette, improved insulation, and weather resistance. Ooni Karu 16 lets you flame-cook epic meals outdoors with wood, charcoal or gas. The sleek oven features a ceramic fiber-insulated stainless steel shell for optimum heat retention, firing up to a whopping 95...
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