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Franklin Smoke

Meat lovers rejoice! After huge success of the acclaimed and bestselling Franklin Barbecue cookbook, and the Franklin Steak cookbook, Pitmaster Aaron Franklin has announced his third book Franklin Smoke. The 224-page guide to live-fire grilling and smoking at home teaches backyard cooks the secrets to charring meats, fish, and vege to perfection using techniques designed for any type of backyard grill, from inexpensive kettle-style grills to Big Green Eggs, offset cookers, and hand-built fire pits. The book covers everything from tools and techniques to methods of grilling and smoking a variety of ingredients. Featuring inspiring photographs, helpful info, and delicious recipes, Franklin Smoke is the perfect resource for anyone looking to incorporate fire and smoke into their everyday cooking, and will have you cooking like a true Texas fire wrangler in no time.

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We all know what a hangover is, your body reacting to drinking to much alcohol...bla bla bla, we also know that hangovers make us crave greasy food. With the "The Hungover Cookbook" you can now cook your comforting recipes at home(if you can muster up the strength to get out of bed). The hardcover book by Milton Crawford is a fun way to assess, understand, and improve a hangover. A great gift for someone that enjoys having a few drinks and good food....
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The Black Wheel turntable is a unique piece of audio technology that will appeal to any music lover. Its innovative design places all the delicate technology under the base, which spins counterclockwise. This means that the record is played on the side facing down. The turntable can be used upright on a stand or wall or flat on a table, making it versatile and easy to use. What makes the Black Wheel truly special is its digitally controlled linear tonearm...
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