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Around The World In 1000 Days

If you feel like escaping from modern monotony and leaving everyday life behind, there is no better way to travel and see the world than on a bike. Bikepacking is about going slowly, exploring the world and seeing it for the first time, also bringing back the most indelible memories about the people you’ve met. "Around The World In 1000 Days" is a new book that documents a captivating story by Swedish cycle-tourer Fredrika Ek (the 2017 Adventurer of the Year) whom spent 1042 days on her bike, solo and unsupported, covering 51,000 kilometres across 45 different countries. In the process she raised $85,000 for Action Aid. Driven by curiosity, and a burning desire to find out what awaited on the other side, she crossed deserts and mountains, national borders and the boundaries of pain, over doorsteps, and straight into people´s homes and lives. 1042 days and a planet later, she came home with an amazing story to tell.

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Located in an isolated woodland/hillside location just 40 min from Phuket, lays one of the most highly anticipated resorts to open this year, the magical Keemala Resort. Positioned in the hills and within the lush woodlands, Keemala offers a retreat from every day life and welcomes you in to an enchanting evergreen wonderland. Guests are invited to immerse themselves into one of the many villas on offer among the lush woodland, you can choose from four separate styl...
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Dometic 11L Water Jug

The new Dometic GO line of products is designed with outdoor adventures in mind, the collection lets you stay out more comfortably, and embrace the outdoors with family and friends.  Part of the new line of products is this Dometic GO Water Hydration Jug 11L, a handy solution that revolutionizes off-grid water storage and management. You can keep it in your vehicle or at your campsite for a convenient, safe water supply of 11 lite...
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Located in Southern California, RawHyde Adventures is a company dedicated to adventure touring on BMW GS motorcycles. The company organizes outstanding tours on a diversity of terrains and trails, from a 13-day Africa Adventure, to the Viking Run - a 15 day Adventure in Europe crossing 9 countries, to the Dakar rally! yes, you´ll actually follow the rally getting as close to the action as possible, riding more than 3500 miles in the timeframe of the rally from Peru...
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