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Around The World In 1000 Days

If you feel like escaping from modern monotony and leaving everyday life behind, there is no better way to travel and see the world than on a bike. Bikepacking is about going slowly, exploring the world and seeing it for the first time, also bringing back the most indelible memories about the people you’ve met. "Around The World In 1000 Days" is a new book that documents a captivating story by Swedish cycle-tourer Fredrika Ek (the 2017 Adventurer of the Year) whom spent 1042 days on her bike, solo and unsupported, covering 51,000 kilometres across 45 different countries. In the process she raised $85,000 for Action Aid. Driven by curiosity, and a burning desire to find out what awaited on the other side, she crossed deserts and mountains, national borders and the boundaries of pain, over doorsteps, and straight into people´s homes and lives. 1042 days and a planet later, she came home with an amazing story to tell.

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Taylor Stitch
Briston watches
Huckberry Interior


Korg Minilogue Synthesizer is a new model that aims to deliver the unmistakable old-school analog and polyphonic sound at an affordable price. It´s fully programmable, up to 200 programs with 100 sounds included and you also get all the classic features such as tape-style delay and motion sequencer. You also get up to date tech such as an OLED display that enables you to use it as an oscilloscope to tweak sound waves. It´s also quite portable because of its small si...
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Renown American maker of guitars Gibson have released the Gibson Memory Cable, a 16-foot smart cable that records as you play. It features a built-in, solid-state digital recorder, enabling you not only to hear what you are playing on a amp but also record your jamming sessions, meaning any flurry of genius won´t be lost forever. The cable comes with a 4GB Micro SD and is able to record up to 13 hours of playing at CD quality. Learn more at the Gibso...
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Ali: A Life

Ali: A Life is the definitive biography of an American icon, a stunning portrait of a man who became a legend. Drawing on interviews with Muhammad Ali’s friends, family, and colleagues, as well as recently discovered recordings from the 1960s and extensive FBI files, New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Eig, tells Ali´s story like never before, looking deep into the personal life of the legendary boxer, his political views, religion, and all his complexity.&n...
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