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Anaori Kakugama Cooking Tool

Japanese brand Anaori, a leader in manufacturing carbon graphite products, has developed a new cooking tool that is shaking up the culinary world. The Anaori Kakugama elevates the cooking pot with carbon graphite construction, and an atypical cube shape with cutout handles, instead of the traditional rounded shape and external handles. Built from a solid block of carbon graphite, this minimalist cooking tool has better heat retention and higher infrared emissivity (emits an impressive 5 times more far infrared than cast iron), allowing it to cook any dish far better than traditional cookware options. The graphite cube accommodates a rounded-bottom pot for ensuring even heat distribution, and is surmounted by an outer cover in Japanese cypress, this optimizes sealing and cooking while retaining the humidity necessary for certain applications. The all-in-one device lets you grill, simmer, poach, fry, steam, and treat each food as it should.

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