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Wrensilva x Sonos Loft Record Console

Wrensilva has been cranking out gorgeous home audio consoles for some time now, they have now created an exclusive reimagining of their popular record console for the Sonos home. This interesting proposition offers some new tricks along with a greatly designed piece and excellent craftsmanship finish, designed and built in the USA. The elegant blend of the past and the future is optimized for Sonos users, letting you pair your Wrensilva stereo console with existing Sonos speakers throughout your home. A built-in turntable delivers an unparalleled audio performance for all your favourite vinyl. You can also access all your online music services, internet radio stations, etc through one easy-to-use app. Available in solid North American Walnut hardwood with choice of white or black gloss acrylic details, the elegant console also includes a welded steel base with shelf for storage of up to 120 vinyl records.

wrensilva-x-sonos-loft-record-console-2.jpg | Image

wrensilva-x-sonos-loft-record-console-3.jpg | Image

wrensilva-x-sonos-loft-record-console-4.jpg | Image

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PicoStill Home Distiller | Image

PicoStill Home Distiller

The PicoStill Home Distiller is a device to get if you feel up to the task of brewing your own beer, hop oils or other spirits, in a simple and easy fashion in the comfort of your own home. The sleek contraption enables you to test your ideas and create new combinations. In addition to its ease of use the guys at Picobrew also provide ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredient kits. The apparatus itself is quite pleasant to look at and will give a professional look to your ki...
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ISTOMP | Image


iStomp works like all other stompboxes on the market, the difference is the DigiTech iStomp effects pedal lets you download new pedals right from your iPhone! The iStomp comes with 10 free pedals but many more are available at the Stomp shop, you can even test drive the pedals before you purchase them! You can even string several iStomps together for some insane effects. watch the video Get it in Europe here...
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The ingenious Ortwo Pepper Mill is now available for those who wish to take their seasoning to another level. Designed as an ultra effective and cool looking mill that you may use with a single hand for comfort and precision or with both hands should you need a more generous amount or a quicker seasoning. With a proprietary design that enhances grinding surface and a material that is wear and tear proof (95% Alumina Ceramica), this mill will look good, season proper...
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