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Wrensilva Loft Audio System

The stunning Loft Record Console by Wrensilva aims to become an added value option on the rekindling vinyl niche. This interesting proposition offers some new tricks along with a greatly designed piece and excellent craftsmanship finish, designed and built in the USA. The modern all-in-one audio system delivers the power and connectivity of Wrensilva´s classic full size consoles packed into a much smaller footprint. The Loft features everything you need for streaming wirelessly via Bluetooth or Sonos, and comes with its very own built-in Pro-ject belt-driven turntable for all your vinyl listening needs. Made from North American Walnut and with an Ebonized Oak grille, the elegant console also hides a solid state pre-amp, two-way bass reflex speakers with premium drivers, and there is even storage for up to sixty vinyl records.

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