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Traeger Ironwood Grill

The new redesigned Ironwood Grills by Traeger now come with touchscreen controls and more efficiency. The all-new Ironwood Grill boasts an intuitive touchscreen display and simple controls, making it easy to use for even the most novice grillers. With smart combustion technology, the grill maintains consistent cooking temperatures, while fully insulated dual-wall construction reduces temperature fluctuation when the mercury dips. The grill also features an Accessory Rail, allowing you to customize your cooking experience with extra shelves, tool hooks, storage bins, roll racks, and more.

But what really sets the Ironwood Grill apart is its superior smoke output and wood-fired flavor. The grills Super Smoke mode cranks up the smoke output, delivering unbeatable flavor even at high temps. And if youre looking to expand your cooking possibilities, the ModiFIRE® cooking surfaces sit securely on the grill grates, making it easy to experiment with new recipes.

The Ironwood series comes in two sizes: the Ironwood and the Ironwood XL. The Ironwood has a smaller 616 total square inches of cooking surface compared to its predecessor, the Ironwood 650. Meanwhile, the Ironwood XL has a total cooking area of 924 square inches, making it even bigger than its predecessor, the Ironwood 885.

In addition to its advanced features and customizable options, the Traeger Ironwood Grill is also designed with easy cleaning and maintenance in mind. With thoughtful design and quality construction, the Ironwood Grill is built to last and provide incredible consistency in all your outdoor cooking endeavors.

So, whether youre a seasoned outdoor chef or just starting out, the Traeger Ironwood Grill is the perfect addition to your backyard cooking setup. Dont miss out on the evolution of wood-fired flavor - upgrade to the Traeger Ironwood Grill today.

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