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Gozney Arc Pizza Oven

Meet the Gozney Arc Pizza Oven, a compact marvel that defies space constraints without compromising on performance. Boasting a sleek design, this pizza oven cleverly maximizes cooking space, accommodating a generous 14-inch pizza while occupying a mere 18 inches of your outdoor area. Don't let its size deceive you; the Gozney Arc is a powerhouse of innovation. Featuring a lateral gas burner that replicates the traditional wood-fired rolling flame, it guarantees precision, consistency, and a speedy 60-second cook time for restaurant-quality pizzas. With a precision temperature gauge for effortless adjustments and exceptional heat retention, the Arc allows you to effortlessly churn out multiple delectable pizzas in a row.

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The Osma Cold Brew Maker is designed to deliver the perfect cup of cold brew in just under two minutes. Using a novel, patent-pending process with no heat, the sleek machine retains the widest possible range of flavors and aromas that are otherwise destroyed, to make cafe-quality cold brew coffee in a matter of minutes. You can brew over ice for a classic cup of cold brew, or brew it as concentrate with a little less water and add hot water for an Americano-style ho...
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Meet your new best friend - Arctican, it keeps cold cans cold for up to 3 hours! Arctican keeps 12-ounce drinks cold without making your hands cold. Simply freeze the cooling core, twist it on and enjoy ice-cold drinks for up to 3 hours even out in the sun. The magic is possible thanks to the 2-layers of vacuum insulated steel and the twist-on cooling core filled with proprietary freezing gel that keeps drinks colder, longer. Never deal with lukewarm drinks and swea...
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ZOOM ARQ | Image


Zoom ARQ will surely sweeten every DJ´s tooth…this is a new smart tool that will enable you to use some classic DJ skills in a new way. With ZOOM ARQ you get the normal sequencer, accelerator, synthesizer, looper and MIDI controller…but the thing that´s new is the way you use it. With built in pads, that you can use if they were keyboards, and a Bluetooth Ring controller, which you can detach from the main control station, it allows you to use the six axis mot...
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