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Bricknic Cooking Brick

The Bricknic Cooking Brick is a modern take on an age-old East African cooking tradition. Crafted from locally sourced clay, this portable and versatile cooking tool locks in the nutrients and flavors of your favorite meals, transforming any heat source into a social culinary event. Whether you are preparing vege, fish, meat, potatoes, or even fruit, the Bricknic does it all in a healthy and nourishing way. Simply chop up your desired ingredients, place them in the Bricknic, and let it work its magic. In under 30 minutes, a delicious and flavorful dish is ready to be savored.

Thanks to its fireproof and temperature-shock-resistant clay, the Bricknic can be used in the oven, microwave, grill, barbecue, and even a campfire. To ensure the best results, soak the lid in cold water before use. This step allows the lid to absorb moisture, creating a steaming effect that preserves flavors, vitamins, and nutrients without the need for added fats.

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