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Breeo Live-Fire Pizza Oven

Experience gourmet outdoor cooking with the Breeo Live-Fire Pizza Oven - your shortcut to restaurant-quality pizzas in the backyard. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Breeo's X24, X30, and Luxeve fire pits, this pizza oven transforms your ordinary fire pit into a culinary powerhouse.

Crafted with precision from stainless and Corten steel, this pizza oven is built to withstand the elements. Its thick pizza stones ensure efficient heat retention, allowing you to savor your wood-fired creations faster. The adjustable chimney vent and built-in thermometer provide superior temperature control for that perfect pizza every time.

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Norwegian Wood has been a best seller in Scandinavian countries for the past year, a book about the wisdom of chopping, stacking, and drying wood the Scandinavian way. The beautifully illustrated book provides useful advice, practical tips, interesting facts and anecdotes, but also dives into the history of our relationship with wood and fire. This US edition is a fully updated version of the Norwegian original, but with an appendix of US based resources and contact...
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Explore the captivating world of Italian automotive excellence with "The Italians" This visually stunning book embarks on a journey through the rich history of Italian car design, spotlighting iconic models from the 1920s to the early 2000s. Delving into the craftsmanship and artistry behind vintage automobiles, the narrative unfolds, highlighting the profound impact of visionary designers like Pininfarina, Zagato, Bertone, Giugiaro, Gandini, and Ghia on global car ...
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Jamstik is a portable, wireless, digital guitar compatible with your iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer. The half-size digital guitar lets you practice your guitar shredding skills while on the move, you can play acoustic or electric, and the included jamTutor app teaches you how to play with interactive feedback. Jamstik connects wirelessly via WIFI and the real guitar strings never need tuning, you can save your jam sessions, and even use the Jamstik to control apps li...
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