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Boir Portable Saltworks

Croatian design studio Boir have created a portable saltworks that lets users harvest their own natural sea salt at home. Through this unique product, you can witness and experience the moment of salt harvesting, applying the T-shaped tool reminiscent of those used by traditional sea salt harvesters. The set features an elegant case that comes in oak or walnut with oil finishing, a ceramic vessel inside that is coated with a waterproof enamel to enable the optimal salt crystallization, a bottle of Nin 28 Be (concentrated Adriatic sea water), and a hand-polished inox T-shaped tool. All the materials are safe for alimentary use. Simply pour a thin layer of bottled brine, expose it to sunlight for an hour or heat it up in the oven. When the crystal pattern appears, it is ready to be harvested with the special metal T-shaped tool.

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Huckberry Interior


ETE Plate was designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and fight obesity by stopping your overeating. ETE helps you control your portion size by showing you which food group to put on your plate, offering you endless possibilities to eat diverse and healthy meals. The simple illustrations developed by dieticians correspond to nutritional guidelines to secure greater control over eating habits and help you prepare many different types of meals. ...
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Wood is a new book by one of our favorite publishers - Phaidon. The beautifully illustrated book takes you on a visual tour of timber architecture, showcasing the world’s best wooden architecture. It features 170 inspiring and intriguing structures, including an onion-domed Russian church that sits next to a fortified Japanese castle, and a luxurious Canadian sauna. Even the work of Le Corbusier, an architect best known for his work in concrete, is shown. Each proje...
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Our House in the City: New Urban Homes and Architecture, is a new book by publisher Gestalten. It showcases creative and innovative urban living solutions found in cities all over the world, built on spaces in the urban landscape such as in the narrow gaps between buildings, in courtyards, in ungentrified districts, on derelict land, or even in industrial ruins. Available for purchase in Europe here. Also by Gestalten, check out: Rock the Shack, Oasis, WorkScape...
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