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Lifesaver Liberty Bottle

Lifesaver Liberty is a water bottle that’s now available for purchase and it has some cool features that make it an interesting item that might just be a life saver as it so clearly states in its name. This water purification bottle is the first of its kind to come equipped with a scavenger 5ft. hose to easily get to the water source you wish to filter, you then just need to use its incorporated pump to get the water through its filtering system that has two steps, first it gets the precious liquid through its proprietary filtering system, getting rid of 99,9% of viruses, bacteria and cysts, then it goes through the activated carbon disc that makes the water odorless and tasteless, removing chlorine and other substances that could make it less agreable to drink. It´s British made so it does live up to high standards of quality, free of BPA & BPS on its bottles. Each filter gets you around 2000ltrs of purified water and the filters are easy to use, so if you’re thinking about going outdoors and would hate the surprise of getting no hydration this might just be what you need to get before your next outing.

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Would you love to wake up with the ice cold view of a northern European National Park? The Iso Syote Hotel in Finland proposes just that. A hotel suite, located in the southern wing of the building, with a 360º degree full view, even the roof is made of glass so that you won´t miss out on anything! You will feel really connected to nature´s surroundings. This amazing suite is divided in two floors, downstairs you can find the living room with a nice fireplace, and a...
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Hydrapak Expedition 8L Bottle | Image

Hydrapak Expedition 8L Bottle

The award-winning HydraPak Expedition 8L holds more than 2 gallons of water, and when empty, packs down to nearly nothing at all. When you´re setting up your base camp halfway up a mountain, water supply is critical, the Hydrapak Expedition is the perfect lightweight water storage and delivery solution, for camping, or any backcountry expedition. Made from ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU coated nylon, this thing is unbreakable, it features an included tap, whi...
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