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xBloom Coffee Machine

Dubbed the "Tesla of Coffee Machines," the xBloom Coffee Machine redefines coffee brewing. Designed by ex-Apple employees, it introduces coffee-making autopilot, creating your perfect cup effortlessly. Winner of the iF Design and CES 2023 Innovation Awards, the sleek machine sits on your countertop, handling everything from grinding to brewing, and serving coffee with barista-like precision.

The xBlooms magic lies in its pods. Each pod contains real coffee beans and an NFC tag for seamless communication with the machine. It adjusts grind size, brew temperature, and more, all in biodegradable pods. With consistent excellence, a professional-grade grinder and the ability to mimic barista pouring patterns, it offers a personalized coffee experience. An intuitive smart app lets you personalize settings to match your taste with just a few touched on your phone. watch the video below

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Located in the Austrian snowy Alps, sits Turmhaus Tirol, an award winning tower-shaped chalet designed by the German architect Grunecker Reichelt. The architectural masterpiece is built on six floors and features a small elevator to connect all levels for transporting goods and baggage. A concrete skeleton clad in larch nods to the alpine chalets, whilst natural stone floors, and larch furniture complete the contemporary look. The basement levels comprise garage, bi...
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Alloy+Grit Magazine

Alloy+Grit is a new independent Land Rover magazine, published specifically for North American Land Rover enthusiasts. Being published quarterly, the Alloy+Grit promises 100 pages of perfect-bound visual delight and well-crafted stories produced on heavy, high-quality stock. The debut issue will be released this month and focuses on everything from vintage Defenders, bespoke Defenders, to the brand new Evoque. You´ll get plenty of drool-worthy pictures, awe-inspiri...
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Spark MINI is a mind-blowing compact powerhouse that offers inventive, intelligent guitar playing on the fly. It is the biggest smallest rig ever with multi-dimensional, high-quality sound, the brand-new Smart Jam, video creation, and Bluetooth audio streaming. Based on your playing style, Sparks machine learning technology automatically creates upbeat bass and drum accompaniment tracks. Spark will jam with you as you go, whether its basic and relaxed, or intricate....
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