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VSSL Insulated Flask with Speaker

With this new insulated flask by VSSL, you can add music to your favorite beverage for the ultimate outdoor experience. The VSSL Insulated Flask is more than just a flask. It is made of sturdy stainless steel, with double-walled insulation, and comes with a fully integrated, superior Bluetooth speaker that is weatherproof. You can use it to transport morning coffee and then slow-sip something less caffeinated in the evening because it will keep beverages hot for five hours and chilled for ten. The 5-W Bluetooth speaker can be connected to a second speaker to create a stereo system and offers five hours of playback time on a single charge of its lithium battery. Other VSSL end caps, such as flashlight, compass, or carabiner modules, can be switched out for it with ease. Add a soundtrack to your next adventure, and pick yours now at a special price at up to 25% off. watch the video below

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For more than six decades, the legendary Surfer magazine was considered to be the bible of surfing and surf culture. They worked with the world’s best photographers, writers, and graphic designers, depicting the chronological progression of the sport, the gear, the style, and the world’s top surfers throughout the decades, from Mickey Dora to Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton. Now, sixty years of Surf Magazine goodness have been bundled by Rizzoli into this volumi...
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