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Staresso Portable Espresso Machine

The Staresso Plus Portable Espresso Machine is the perfect travel companion for coffee enthusiasts. This professional-grade coffee maker delivers rich, creamy espresso with 20-bar pressure and a 180ml water tank, ideal for traveling, camping, office, or home use.

Constructed with food-grade 304 stainless steel and silicone, this compact machine ensures safety and durability. Designed for convenience, it features a manual pump system that effortlessly extracts high-quality espresso. The segmented hydraulic extraction process ensures optimal flavor, giving you a barista-level experience anywhere. The Staresso Plus is easy to clean, with a main body separation design allowing for thorough washing. Capable of holding up to 24g of coffee powder, it is perfect for one to two people.

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INSTRUMENT 1 by Antiphon is the latest project taking Kickstarter by storm. The revolutionary musical instrument uses a patented technology that turns basic musical gestures into any sound you want to create, strum a guitar, bow a violin, tap a piano, loop a beat, all this on a single instrument! The innovative device can connect to hundreds of apps on mobile devices and computers, and can literally make any sound imaginable. watch the video...
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Pi Prime Pizza Oven | Image

Pi Prime Pizza Oven

From fire pits to pizza ovens, Solo Stove has become a name synonymous with outdoor enjoyment. Now, theyre introducing the Pi Prime, a powerful and affordable gas-powered pizza oven designed to transform your pizza-making experience. With the Pi Prime, Solo Stove offers a simplified yet high-performance pizza oven that combines propane convenience with artisan-level results. The familiar "demi-dome" construction, inspired by Solo Stoves fire pits, remains at the cor...
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Spinn is a special kind of coffee maker, in fact it can make your brew in totally different styles depending on what you need or feel like drinking. This machine can make you an espresso, a lungo, an americano or a large brew to serve your crew. The Spinn Coffe Maker gets its name from the spinning mechanism that will freshly grind the coffee of your choice and brew it, so for a normal dip coffee the machine uses a low spin of around 2000 rpm, if you want an espress...
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