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Osma Cold Brew Maker

The Osma Cold Brew Maker is designed to deliver the perfect cup of cold brew in just under two minutes. Using a novel, patent-pending process with no heat, the sleek machine retains the widest possible range of flavors and aromas that are otherwise destroyed, to make cafe-quality cold brew coffee in a matter of minutes. You can brew over ice for a classic cup of cold brew, or brew it as concentrate with a little less water and add hot water for an Americano-style hot coffee. Limited to a first run of 1000 units, the robust device is machined from a solid block of 316 stainless steel and is fitted with aluminum enclosure panels, brass drip tray rods, and a walnut or steel base.

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Nomus Glashutte
Floyd Interior
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Located in Southern California, RawHyde Adventures is a company dedicated to adventure touring on BMW GS motorcycles. The company organizes outstanding tours on a diversity of terrains and trails, from a 13-day Africa Adventure, to the Viking Run - a 15 day Adventure in Europe crossing 9 countries, to the Dakar rally! yes, you´ll actually follow the rally getting as close to the action as possible, riding more than 3500 miles in the timeframe of the rally from Peru...
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Located in the legendary nightlife district of WanChai, this independent boutique hotel in Hong Kong has had a complete overhaul, and boy does it look gorgeous. With help from the creative minds of design firm "A Work of Substance", the hotel has totally been restyled, paying tribute to the city´s maritime history. The Fleming Hotel recreates the art deco aesthetic that was prevalent from the 1930s to 60s in ships and aircraft, and also in city skylines. Brass has ...
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Handmade in Japan

Handmade in Japan is a new book by Gestalten that lets you discover the exceptional artistry and rich traditions being kept alive by Japanese artisans in the 21st century through their perfectly crafted goods. The book takes a look inside the workshops of the country’s artisans, showing their handmade processes using sustainable materials and discovering the lengths these makers go to in ensuring every product is perfect. Those who admire skill and beauty will enj...
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