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Osma Cold Brew Maker

The Osma Cold Brew Maker is designed to deliver the perfect cup of cold brew in just under two minutes. Using a novel, patent-pending process with no heat, the sleek machine retains the widest possible range of flavors and aromas that are otherwise destroyed, to make cafe-quality cold brew coffee in a matter of minutes. You can brew over ice for a classic cup of cold brew, or brew it as concentrate with a little less water and add hot water for an Americano-style hot coffee. Limited to a first run of 1000 units, the robust device is machined from a solid block of 316 stainless steel and is fitted with aluminum enclosure panels, brass drip tray rods, and a walnut or steel base.

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Petit St. Vincent is a 115-acre private island in the Caribbean’s Grenadines. This secluded private hideaway is one of the Caribbeans prettiest private islands, the resort is spread over 115 acres surrounded by two miles of white sand beaches. It features 22 discreet and simple, yet luxurious cottages. Above all however, Petit St. Vincent is a hotel for those determined on privacy, even the truly hermitic guest need never meet another visitor....
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Steambox Self-Heating Lunchbox | Image

Steambox Self-Heating Lunchbox

Say goodbye to waiting in line or struggling to find a way to warm up your lunchtime food. The Steambox Self-Heating Lunchbox is the ultimate solution for enjoying hot meals on the go, letting you enjoy up to three hot meals per charge, with each meal preserving more nutrients thanks to the autonomous steaming technology. The leak-proof food containers are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and travel-friendly, ensuring a safe and hassle-free experience. With the St...
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The Black Wheel turntable is a unique piece of audio technology that will appeal to any music lover. Its innovative design places all the delicate technology under the base, which spins counterclockwise. This means that the record is played on the side facing down. The turntable can be used upright on a stand or wall or flat on a table, making it versatile and easy to use. What makes the Black Wheel truly special is its digitally controlled linear tonearm...
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