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LifeStraw Water Filter Straw

The LifeStraw Sip is the world’s first reusable stainless steel water filter straw, designed to remove microplastics, bacteria, and parasites from drinking water. This innovative straw is compact, lightweight, and perfect for travelers. It features a high-flow filter membrane that ensures easy sipping and high-performance filtration. The filter lasts up to 1,000 liters, making it a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles.

Each LifeStraw Sip comes with a premium, leak-proof carry case, making it portable and convenient for use with tap water in hotels or during international travel. It meets U.S. EPA and NSF P231 standards, ensuring safe and clean drinking water. Made from BPA-free and FDA-approved materials, the straw is durable and user-friendly, requiring no batteries or electrical outlets. Plus, for every purchase, LifeStraw provides a child in need with safe drinking water for a year.

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The Decanter Carafe Wine Aerator is a new product from the centenary Eva Solo brand. This beautifully designed piece can handle the content of a standard 750ml bottle of wine, and because it´s mouth blown, each one is unique and the result of old school and high quality craftsmanship. This sleek decanter also features a drip-free system, so you won’t waste any of the precious nectar; this drip free metal system also includes the aerator, while you pour the wine i...
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Wolf and Grizzly Cook System | Image

Wolf and Grizzly Cook System

The new Wolf and Grizzly Cook System takes the grilling concept to the bare minimum thus ensuring simplicity, usability and portability. The compact, minimal-trace cooking solution will have you crafting your favorite foods in the great outdoors in no time, it consists of three layers, the foundation which is a portable, foldable frame with a grill surface for traditional BBQing, the Cook Set which is an array of cooking apparatus such as a chopping board, griddle a...
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Take happy hour everywhere with this cocktail service for four. This 16-piece traveling cocktail set comes in a vintage suitcase with a ballistic nylon faux-leather exterior, and a fully-insulated interior lined in black velveteen which tastefully showcases your three favorite wine or liquor bottles in padded compartments. The Portable Cocktail Bar also includes a full suite of bar tools for making cocktails on the go....
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