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Flexx Hydration System

Crafted for athletes, the Flexx Hydration System offers an easy-to-use hydration pack with two reservoirs, allowing users to switch between fluids or create custom blends effortlessly. The principal 1.75l reservoir and the .75l mix reservoir provide versatility. Leakproof and easy to clean, the Flexx system boasts practicality and thoughtful design. With an adjustable dial controlling flow from both reservoirs, users can tailor their hydration to changing conditions. The second-generation design reduces size, and integrates a unified adjustment and fluid valve system for an improved experience. The result is a more compact, intuitive, and user-friendly hydration system that fits seamlessly into low-profile backpacks. Cleaning is a breeze with the bladder's design, allowing for easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Available in a choice of 1.5-Liters, or 2.5-Liters.

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The Story of G-Shock

In a world where watches were once considered delicate instruments, G-SHOCK emerged as a game-changer, defying fragility and introducing a new era of rugged timepieces. Authored by Ariel Adams, this book celebrates the remarkable story of G-SHOCK, a watch that has not only redefined functionality but has also become a symbol of style, endurance, and global influence over the last four decades. The visionary mind behind G-SHOCK was Kikuo Ibe, a young engineer with a ...
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There is no denying the thrill of drinking outdoors and the sense of community it brings when people gather around a fire. Camp Cocktails is a new book for day trippers, adventurers, campers, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Penned by Emily Vikre, co-founder and President of Vikre Distillery, this beautifully illustrated book is packed with everything you need to know to bring boozy deliciousness wherever you roam, including recipes, shopping, and packing lists, ...
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Ever felt you could and should brew your own wine? Would you love to impress your house guests with your wine producer capabilities? Well now you can with this Winemaking Kit that allows you to produce your own gallon batch that will provide a 5 bottle "harvest”. This wood made portable kit ensures you get all the stuff you need to brew your own wine, from the corks to the beautiful cobalt blue bottles, the lab thermometer, the stainless steel funnel, the big glas...
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