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LifeStraw Universal

Water filtering kits are becoming more and more popular, but what sets the LifeStraw Universal apart from its competitors is the fact that itís a kit that you may add on to the existing water bottle or flask that you already own and enjoy. This filter adjusts to most of the water bottle brands on the market and comes with a filtering kit that will eliminate 99% of parasites and bacteria in the water and severely enhances taste removing chemicals such as chlorine. It also features two different cap sizes and mouth pieces to best suit your needs. The two stage filtering system gets you up to 25 gallons of pure hydration.

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Taylor Stitch
Briston watches
Huckberry Interior
ACPAD | Image


ACPAD is a revolutionary device that puts an electronic orchestra on your acoustic guitar!  The wireless MIDI controller is simply placed on the guitarís surface, letting you play hundreds of instruments, samples, effects and loops, right where you want them: on your guitar. The thin polymer pad sticks to the guitarís surface and contains eight touch pads with gold-plated contacts in order to offer accurate pressure sensitivity, 10 preset buttons, two looper ch...
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Concorde was the first supersonic passenger-carrying commercial airplane, it was truly ahead of its time, and 15 years after its retirement, the plane still remains a futuristic vision of air travel. With a cruising altitude of 19,812 metres (65,000 feet) Ė nearly twice the height of other airliners Ė and a speed of 1345.6mph (more than twice the speed of sound) Concorde flew 100 souls higher and faster than modern fighter jets, making the journey from L...
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Kimball House is an exceptional caribbean destination, the combination of a brilliantly designed contemporary villa and a particularly moving oceanfront landscape. It features: accomadation for up to 18 people, a personal chef, a bartender, and a full-time concierge to plan all your activities. A six star experience......
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