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Tree Hotel | Sweden

This futuristic project was conceived by Tree hotel co-founder kent lindvall, it´s located in Sweden and currently consists of four crazy rooms, the mirrorcube, the nest, the blue cone and the cabin. The most impressive of the rooms has to be the "mirrorcube", it reflects everything making it nearly invisible in the forest. Check out the hotel´s website for more info and photos on this awesome project.

img_tree_hotel_sweden_2.jpg | Image

img_tree_hotel_sweden_3.jpg | Image

img_tree_hotel_sweden_4.jpg | Image

img_tree_hotel_sweden_5.jpg | Image

Vindome Interior
London Sock Interior
Oakywood Interior
tropicfeel Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Flint and Tinder Interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Cariuma Interior


Meat lovers rejoice! After huge success of the acclaimed and bestselling Franklin Barbecue cookbook, and the Franklin Steak cookbook, Pitmaster Aaron Franklin has announced his third book Franklin Smoke. The 224-page guide to live-fire grilling and smoking at home teaches backyard cooks the secrets to charring meats, fish, and vege to perfection using techniques designed for any type of backyard grill, from inexpensive kettle-style grills to Big Green Eggs, offset c...
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During the past 35 years, Steve Jobs created Apple, he was fired from the company itself, only to return and revolutionize the world of software and hardware with revolutionary creations. During the past year we have featured numerous of his creations. Today we feature his exclusive Biography written by renowned Author Walter Isaacson who wrote Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein biographies. The renowned writer has worked on the book over the past three years, an...
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Fizzics is, as the name clearly suggests, a fizz booster for one of the world´s most popular drinks: beer. Designed and developed to boost the taste of any regular beer bottle or can, that can you can buy anywhere. You can fit any bottle on the apparatus, and the special technology Fizzics developed, will make it a quality draft beer, with that special foam head and the exquisite taste of tap beer. Plus you also get that same tap look with Fizzics. Made from FDA ap...
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