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Barisieur Coffee & Tea Brewing Alarm Clock

The Barisieur is an alarm clock that will wake you up with the smell of fresh coffee! If you are not a morning person, then you will relate with the effort of getting out of bed to prepare your morning brew. That is where Joy Resolve’s new Barisieur Immersion Edition Brewer comes in. The new Barisieur 2.0 Coffee & Tea Brewing Alarm Clock is essentially the second iteration of the lauded smart brewer, it is designed to sit comfortably by your bedside, and can make you a cup of coffee or tea as you snooze in your bed. Simply load it with grinds, water, and a bit of milk in a vessel, then set the time, wake up with the sounds of the coffee bubbling away and get vertical with a freshly made cup of joe. watch the video below

You can grab the first iteration over at Amazon

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