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Iris Restaurant

Nestled within the extraordinary floating art installation Salmon Eye in Western Norways Hardanger fjord, Iris Restaurant promises an unforgettable expedition dining experience. To reach this hidden gem, guests embark on electric boat journeys from Rosendal town. At Iris, location dictates every aspect of the dining adventure. The aim is to immerse diners in the fjords beauty, the majestic mountains, and the ever-changing natural elements. Here, guests have the rare privilege of being brought to the ingredients, not vice versa.

The Iris experience is a true journey. It commences with a boat ride from Rosendal, pausing at chef Anika Madsens boathouse on Snilstveitoy island for a welcoming snack. The multisensory underwater encounter at the Salmon Eye installation sets the stage for an exquisite tasting menu with breathtaking fjord and mountain views. Weather permitting, the rooftop terrace hosts a course cooked over an open fire, enjoyed al fresco. As the night concludes, guests return to Rosendal by boat, ready to retire in comfort.

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