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Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Golf Watch

TAG Heuer has just unveiled their most luxurious connected golf watch ever, just in time for golf season. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Golf Watch has a newly redesigned interface for easier access to all its many features, including detailed 2D maps of hazards and distances on more than 40,000 golf courses around the world, an incorporated shot tracker that will generate "heat maps" to show you how you can improve your game, plus an accelerometer and gyroscope that tracks your swing without you having to do a thing. There is also a companion app that lets you play back your best shots in 3D animation, shows you your digital scorecard, and club suggestions. Built into the buckle is a slide-out magnetic ball marker that lets you mark your putting position on the green. You can also receive alerts on your wrist for incoming calls, texts, emails and more by enabling smart notifications. watch the video below

tag-heuer-connected-calibre-e4_golf-watch-2.jpg | Image

tag-heuer-connected-calibre-e4_golf-watch-3.jpg | Image

tag-heuer-connected-calibre-e4_golf-watch-4.jpg | Image

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HMM Ballpoint Pen Misty Black | Image

HMM Ballpoint Pen Misty Black

HMM make fine artifacts that keep alive the joy of writing on a wonderful piece of paper. The HMM Ballpoint is a simple EDC pen that is so well made you will never need another one. Made of aluminum alloy, it is incredibly lightweight (weighs just 22g) and delivers a light and comfortable maneuver, making it suitable for writing over an extended period of time without your hand cramping up. A heavy-duty spring is used for the click structure, and the aesthetically a...
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Able Archer is a new brand of bags, their latest line is inspired by the work of photojournalists, news writers and guerrilla filmmakers. The bags are rugged and functional, invoking military surplus designs, and the collection includes a Buttpack, a Mapcase, a Satchel, a Rucksack and a Duffel, all made with long lasting, hi-tech materials....
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If you´re into Fly fishing, you should check out the Fly Fishing Collaborative, a company known for offering clients unique fly fishing adventures. Besides helping you build your own guided fishing trip, the company also sells these custom leather fly wallets crafted out of high quality leather, and with ample room to display your favorite flies. The heirloom quality wallets may be purchased empty or filled with a unique display of flies, head over to their website...
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